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Catastrophic health events - such as a stroke or the onset of Alzheimer's - can happen at almost any point in life, and as we age the risk of such events increase rapidly. Traditional health insurance and Medicare are not equipped to respond to these changes, and such events can put you at risk of losing your investments, savings, and other assets. 



Matthew Ritchie provides assistance in planning for and/or responding to crisis needs for long-term healthcare. When planning ahead, it is possible to ensure that your care can be paid for, while protecting your assets and providing a secure future for both you and your family. And even after a major life change, steps can be taken to protect your spouse and family.




When you contact us to set up a plan for protecting your families assets, here is what you can expect:

1. Matt will meet with you and any family members you wish to be present to decide whether he is the "right fit" for you and whether he can assist you.

2. If you decide to move forward, you will gather information for Matt and return it to him.

3. You will meet again with Matt to discuss his recommendations and to make various decisions regarding the details to go into the documents.

4. You will meet with Matt a few days later to sign the documents needed to implement the plan.

5. Optionally, you can meet with Matt a final time to discuss the details of how to implement the plan after the documents are signed.


If you have an emergency situation, we try to move as quickly as possible while finding the best possible plan for you. Here is the process you can expect.

1. Matt meets with you so you can decide whether he is the right fit for you.

2. If you decide to move forward, you gather and provide him with information.

3. Matt provides you with a letter detailing his recommendations for moving forward.

4. You meet again with Matt to plan a strategy for moving forward.

5. After the plan has been finalized, you will meet with Matt to sign the necessary paperwork.

6. With the paperwork in order, Matt helps you submit the government paperwork necessary to ensure that your family's assets are protected.

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