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Major Practice Expansion Announcement: Estate and Long Term Care Planning

Abilene long-term care attorney Matthew Ritchie

Its hard to believe, but I have now been practicing law on a full-time basis for over 25 years! From the outset, I've been able to draw up some basic will and estate planning documents for my clients, but for the most part I have had to refer clients to other attorneys for more complicated estate planning matters. I have always had a desire to go back and develop more sophisticated capabilities in the areas of estate and financial planning, but - until now - was never able to get around to it.

I am proud to announce that, as of 2018, I have entered into an affiliation with ElderCounsel, a national organization of estate and long-term care planners, and - after investing considerable time and resources into the effort - as of 2018, I have officially expanded my practice into the areas of estate planning and long-term care planning.

What does this mean for my clients? Four things:

1. Regardless of your age, if you are interested in making sure that your family will be secure and that your affairs will remain in order should you suffer from a disability that causes you to become incapacitated, I can help to address those issues.

2. Regardless of the size of your home and investments, if you need to plan for what will happen to them after you pass away, I can also help in that area.

3. Finally, you or a loved one may have reached a point in life where substantial long-term care is needed, and you are concerned about the costs and how they will affect your estate. Alternatively, you or a loved one may just have reached an age where you are concerned about long-term medical care costs affecting your estate in the future. I can now work with your accountants and financial planners to put together a plan that will (hopefully) preserve as much of your estate as possible, so that it is not completely lost to health care expenses.

I am genuinely pleased with the resources that are now available to me as I work with future clients in these areas, and, in the coming weeks, I'll be elaborating on each of these points in a little more detail.

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